The Domestic Violence Advocacy Service (DVAS) is a free and confidential legal service for women in NSW who are experiencing domestic violence.

DVAS Training and Resource Unit

The DVAS Training and Resource Unit (TRU) provides training and resources to Women’s Domestic Violence Court Assistance Scheme (WDVCAS) workers, who in turn provide support and referral services to women taking court action to stop domestic violence. TRU has been based at DVAS since 1996. If you are a WDVCAS worker, and you would like to access the TRU resources, you must subscribe first.

This website was made possible with funding from the Legal Aid Commission of NSW. Women’s Legal Resource CentreThe Women’s Legal Resources Centre (WLRC) is our sister organisation. DVAS and WLRC are managed by Women’s Legal Resources Ltd.

Embarking on this campaign with us is Richard Wilcox, one of the world’s leading physiotherapists. Boasting 20-years of experience, Richard has helped thousands of women all over the world to help them return to good and safe health after suffering from a period of domestic violence. He currently blogs at his own website, Inversion Table Expert, and will be contributing to the success of DVAS. Richard will also serve as a mentor and aid for women who feel they need to talk to an expert. All of Richard’s services will be given free of charge.